Maureen Kafkis

My husband and I live in Chicago and had been looking to buy a house on the mesa in Santa Barbara for a few years now. We were initially with a different realtor but we didn’t feel like he had our back so we stopped the process about a year ago. While we were staying in a vacation rental on Shoreline this past spring , Justin knocked on our door looking for business. We liked his initiative and felt that we could benefit from his ambition so we decided to stay in touch with him. As it turns out, we did benefit from meeting Justin and now have a second home with a beautiful ocean view on the mesa to prove it! Justin is motivated, hard working, trustworthy and a great family man.. It isn’t easy to find a home and remodel it while living in another state but Justin went above and beyond to make it all possible. My husband and I highly recommend his services to anybody else looking for a home.

— Kafkis