David Neunuebel

We can’t say enough good things about Justin Etherton and his professionalism in helping us sell our property.

It’s a difficult thing, to say the least, to contact someone cold, introduce yourself and ask if they’re interested in selling their property. It’s the toughtest part of being a
realtor. It takes a lot of courage yet Justin did exactly that. He did substantial research on our property, specializing on the Mesa in Santa Barbara, CA and discovered that we, not the people living in the property, were the owners. He’d even engaged the tenants to introduce himself and better understand how they like the house.

Eventually he made contact with us and we had him over to our home with his associate to discuss the Mesa real estate market, our property and value expectations we could have. While were weren’t interested in selling at that time, figuring we’d wait longer for the real estate market to improve even further, he was able to engage us in a “take home” value with which we’d feel confortable. At that time we left it at that.

As time went on he politely and professionally engaged us again, keeping us informed, enquiring of our interest, and sharing updated info on the Santa Barbara real estate market with specific emphasis on the Mesa. He shared recent listings and sales and helped us develop some perspective on our property.

A few week later we decided to engage him about a sale. We discussed what we’d like to clear on the property and then decided to list it with him. There were some low ball offers which he agreed were too low. Then there was a more reasonable offer but lower than we’d want so we countered. They countered, we countered again. Then, while we were traveling, driving back home from a tirp, he contacted us with yet another counter. Judy spoke with him on the cell phone and told him we would decline and would only go down to a certain price or move on for a better offer or even take it off the market for another day. Then by the time we got into our hotel room that night, Justin called and said the buyer accepted our offer and on an “as is” basis.

The escrow period seemed to go on for quite a while and the buyer and their realtor agent seemed less than easy to work with, always semingly trying to nickel-and-dime more money from us. As we stuck to our position Justin was the one who had to engage these difficult people and he did it with integrity and professionalism always keeping us in touch with the blow-by-blow, so to speak.

Near the end of the escrow period, as is often the case, there was a bump which forced a delay of a few days. The buyer, again, tried to extract more money from the deal and Justin stuck to his principles, protecting us from any further financial commitment.

The escrow finally closed. Justin was happy, we were delighted and can’t say enough about Justin, his integrity and professionalism, his firm Keller Williams and his manager’s support and guidance throughout the entire process.

If this weren’t enough let me add that during this whole period Justin’s mother-in-law was killed and his sister-in-law was put in critical condtiion by a reckless driver. This required Justin to travel to support that family and provide assistance. Yet he never missed a beat with us. Later, he and his wife had their first child. A wonderful moment for them and again, Justin never missed a beat.

Justin showed the best of what a real estate transaction should be like; competent, professional and with the highest of integrity. The world will be a better place with another Etherton in it.

David & Judy Neunuebel The Sellers

PS – Would we use Justin again and refer him to others? That would be a big duh! Would we use Keller Willams again? We’ve already been in contact with a Keller Williams agent in another town in which we have another rental and will eventually use her for that sale – all because of Justin Etheron.

— 218 La Marina