One of the biggest problems in Santa Barbara is the lack of places to live. In fact, California has not kept up with the growing demand in housing. The building rate in California has been far lower than increasing population for many years.

California has just passed a new bill, SB 1069, and in their Memorandum they discuss what this means. SB 1069 specifically states that it overrides local restrictions (which is always true with state laws compared to local laws). It also addresses the parking requirements. These units can be separate buildings, conversions of existing spaces and other options. This is really big news especially here in Santa Barbara. What could this mean for you? If you have been wanting to buy a home and need to have space rented out to help with the costs this could really help. Instead of needing to find a property that already has one of those rare permitted converted garages or separate second unit you can look for a single family home and hire an architect to help you get an ADU. This could significantly increase the properties you could be looking at to purchase.

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